Doctoral Research on Language, Culture and Communication: Progress, Methodology & Horizons

The Center for Human and social studies and Researches- Oujda

Cultural Studies Unit’ In Collaboration with Study Group: Space and Culture Organize a Study day on:

Doctoral Research on Language, Culture and Communication:   Progress, Methodology & Horizons

January7th, 2012

9.15     Opening Ceremony: Boujamaa EL kouy


09:30          Introductory Speech: Prof. M. ELkouche

On Writing a Doctoral Dissertation


10:00          Tea/coffee break

10:20 Morning Panel:

Language, Communication and Media’s Discourses

(Moderator: Prof. Elkouche)

10.25  H.Belhassni     The Role of Social Networks in Language Maintenance and Shift: a Close Look at theCase of MoroccanIimmigrants Residing in France        

10.40 M. Guamguami Cross-Communication in Foreign Language Discourse

10.55   H.Setté   Media and Standard Arabic in Morocco

11:10 E. Akkaoui   Postmodern Media and Moroccan Cultural Identity:Alienation, Fragmentation and Prospects for Agency-Building

11:25M. Adli   Call Centers Integration in the Abode of Ex-Colonized Territories

11.40 I. Boutob Cross-Cultural Discourses: A Reading in Orientalist and Occidentalist Discourses

11.40 Discussion

15.00   Afternoon Panel:

Literature, Translation and Education

(Moderator: Prof. Elkouche)

15.05 M.Zeriouh  Representing the Self in Moroccan Migrant Literature In English: l.Lalami and H. Bouazza as Case Studies

15.20 N. Elmaghnoji   The Hegemonic Discourse in Intercultural Translation: Research Scope, Theoretical and methodological backgrounds

15.35   M. Salem Semsadi

Discourse Stylistics: Cohesive Aspects of Text Structure in The Hassani Oral Poetry and Storytelling

15:50 B. El Kouy Literary Representation of Women in Moroccan Feminist literary Texts

16:05   L. Barbouchi : Pedagogy of Culture, Culture of pedagogy: Reflections on the Construction of Cultural Alterity

16.20 M. BELBACHA Competences and Values in Language Education: EFL in the Moroccan classroom in focus

16:35 Discussion

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